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This new singers are doing songs from the like and brotherhood, future and lifetime

This new singers are doing songs from the like and brotherhood, future and lifetime

No less than several hundred visitors are welcome to your relationship banquet. Yet not, any passer-because of the who has got stuck brand new musical of karnay can come so you’re able to the wedding in which he was asked just like the warmly just like the an enthusiastic welcome visitor. By lifestyle, the newest fiance is actually resting sparingly together with her eyes dropped and her face finalized having good gauzy veil. You can find fresh flat desserts and you will teapots which have black and you may eco-friendly beverage, dishes that have sweets, parvarda, halvah, sugar-navat and you may fruits with the dining tables. Kazy (a horse-flesh sausage) brains the list of some snacks. Firstly the fresh new customers is actually given sampling soup-shurpa in abundance experienced which have veggies. Then appear somsa – meats puffs baked in oven tandyr, shashliks into skewers, naryn (noodle soups) and lots of most other food. Plov is the acme of your marriage banquet. For the lagans discover slopes off pearly rice with narrow incisions out of red-colored carrots and you can appetizing bits of beef exhaling aroma. That’s seasoned with zira (anise seed products), pepper and you can saffron. Seedless raisins otherwise quince is put into this new joyful plov. The brand new beakers are full of higher level Uzbek wine. The fresh new artisans are charming the brand new guests’ ears because of the playing the newest doyra, surnay and you will dutar. Girls during the stunning federal costumes try carrying out inflammatory dances. In the near future the brand new visitors in addition to register them.

The culmination of wedding is the bride’s making getting this new groom’s family. Pursuing the goodbye ritual, in the event the bride-to-be states good-bye so you’re able to their unique moms and dads, their unique intimate girlfriends find their from singing brand new old routine songs” Ulan” and” Yor-yor”. This new bridegroom is expecting the newest bride to be at his put standing on a seat which have youngsters – more youthful brothers otherwise nephews – towards his lap. It is a unique symbol away from a future higher friends.

The fresh new bridegroom suggests this new fiance with the door of room intended for the students couples. Throughout the area the brand new girl are found from the yanga – their own future kinswoman. Yanga helps the latest bride to be to change their own attire trailing a great specialcurtain – gashanga while having happy to meet with the young spouse. The latest groom with his family members goes into the bedchamber and you can approaches the newest curtain. Yet not, the newest yanga concludes your right here requiring a symbolic ransom money towards bride-to-be. Simply having bargained towards “price” of these a pricey “subject from purchases” and having repaid the latest ransom, the latest groom normally join the fiance.

On morning pursuing the matrimony here starts the latest service “kelin salomy” – enjoy of child-in-rules. For it ceremony brand new groom’s parents, their intimate friends, family as well as the nearby natives assemble from the grass. One-by-one they come on the younger lady, bless their unique, wish to their unique happiness and provide their unique which have gift suggestions otherwise money so you’re able to to get household stuff.This new daughter-in-legislation – kelin would be to desired men bowing down seriously to the floor and you will handing people a profit provide – a white scarf or a bath towel.” Kelin salomy” can last for several hours and in this service the fresh new bride to be is meant to alter their particular gowns a few times. This ritual function admittance of the dily and you will introduction so you can the household members and you will natives.

They say one to autumn is best season getting wedding receptions, however in Uzbekistan wedding parties are notable the year round.

In a few aspects of Uzbekistan it nevertheless hold the very ancient routine going back the new Zoroastrian lifestyle out of filtration from the flame: at the home of the house the latest newly-hitched partners treks within flame 3 times, until the bridegroom brings brand new bride with the their household

“Fatikha tuy” is approved once the a formal wedding. The marriage date try designated indeed there then. The bride’s family unit members present for every matchmaker with a few flat desserts and you will sweets covered with a towel-dastarkhan, and have send merchandise to the bridegroom and his moms and dads. To their come back to the brand new groom’s domestic the fresh new matchmakers give the new trays having merchandise so you’re able to their nearest and dearest and also the service “sarpo kurar” – “reveal regarding gift suggestions” begins. Among the bride’s household members (a female that have many people) unwraps the newest dastarkhan which have gift suggestions. Among gift suggestions there needs to be an enthusiastic stitched suzane, flat desserts, nice pies and you will candy.

This new freshly hitched grab an enthusiastic honorable devote the center of brand new desk against the background off rugs

The fresh new early morning plov are going to be ready hot russiske singler from the time if earliest prayer “bomdon namozi” is done, which is, as much as of the 5:31 a.m. The latest songs out-of karnay, surnay and you will doyra call the brand new subscribers into remove. The new prayer having wants from better-being– fotikha being uttered, apartment desserts and you can tea are provided to the customers. After that comes plov offered when you look at the bigdishes – lagans. A few of these agreements try accompanied with sounds and you may melodies performed because of the painters and you can vocalists. Following meal new honorary subscribers is actually served with chapans andembroidered skull-hats, in addition to blank lagans is actually eliminated away. With conveyed their gratitude into the machine, the newest customers get-off. As a rule, many people are anticipate for the day plov that whenever the original gang of site visitors simply leaves, the brand new dining tables are easily put to acceptance the latest visitors.

Following adult true blessing this new imam (a great Moslem priest) reads brand new prayer throughout the relationships “hutbay nikokh” towards the young partners and you will announces them couple for the see your face of your own Goodness. The fresh imam teaches you to the newly ily lifetime. Then this new bridegroom and the bride constantly visit a good registry workplace to register their municipal wedding.

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